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    In The Shell Necklace Protection Set Sexy Necklace
    In The Shell NecklaceProtection SetSexy Necklace

    Mother Pearl Square Shell with Fresh Water Pearls in Sterling Silver

    Red Coral with Black Wood in Sterling Silver

    Ialian Glass in Sterling Silver




    Sparkle Set Be Hold Earrings Passion Set
    Sparkle Set Be Hold EarringsPassion Set

    Fresh Water Pearls with Saworski Crystals and Italian Glass in Sterling Silver

    Fresh Water Pearl with Mother Pearl Shell and Jasper Stone in Silver Sterling

    Fresh Water Unique Colors Pearls with Mother Pearls Shells in Sterling silver




    Romance Set Tourqoise Dream Set Tourquise Earrings
    Romance SetTourqoise Dream SetTourquise Earrings

    Tourquoise Gemstones with Mother Pearls Shells & Saworski Crystals in Sterling Silver

    Fine Tourquoise Gemstone Set with Saworski Crystals & Fresh Water Pearls- Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelet

    Tourquise with Fresh Water Pearls Earrings




    61 - 69 of 69 items
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