About Us



is proud to present a wide variety of contemporary artworks. We also carry traditional art, fine art photography, digital art, paintings, prints, sculpture, glass, and other types of visual art. CLIQUE is a gallery and a fashion boutique in uptown Addison, Texas. We carry crystals, unique gems, pearls ,Italian glass, gold and diamond custom jewelry, designer fashion,handmade scarfs, designer bags, art decor, spiritual books and more.

Our unique art and jewelry are meant to bring joy, both to the maker and their buyer/viewer. It exposes the unseen and the unknown areas of our life in a way that it empowers us and brings us joy. The purpose of our art and jewelry is to move you emotionally and to bring you to a higher dimension in touch with your inner soul.


Our mission is simply to provide uniquness of our products and service to our customers. Our Jewelry Designs are one of a kind. We do not design the same style twice unless there is a written permission document from our customer.


We take a great pride in our company and in our commitment to our customer service and the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse through our product catalog.

With pleasure,

Yael VanGruber Artist/Jewelry Designer